Security Expert Initiative cooperates with the large companies, leaders in the field of activity. These are the international organizations, mass-media, the expert companies in the field of safety, the information environment, culture and art.

Mutual cooperation helps development and enriches us.


Abosora. Arabian news channel:
Classical Review. News portal about Culture and Art:
Nevso. News, politics, business, culture, art and public life:
Seo Reistration.
Silverato. News of business and Finance:
Street Gazette. News portal about living cities in the world:
Victoria Harrison Art. Website about culture and art:

Russian Newsletter News, events, opinions, attitudes. Website:
Daily Tribune. News about urgent and world events:
Daily Reporter. News reflecting the position of journalists:
Daily Reviews. Overview of the main events of the day in the world. Website:
Daily Sun. News of the world without a negative connotation. Website:
Facts. Events without comments and private opinions. Website:
Sollerti! Russian tabloid. Website:
What the fact today. The unusual site news:
WTTF. Welcome to the future:
Take away! The website all that you can get for free:

Special russian editions:

Classica.FM. Russian news portal about culture and art:
Classica FM Magazine. Magazine version of portal Classica FM:
Crime Maidan. Website about the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists:
Data clouds. News about cloud technologies:
Dial a Phone. Site about mobile news:
Labuh (musician). Life restaurant musician:
Music Observer. News music culture:
Natural Pharmacy. News natural pharmacy:
Olympic Reviews. Sport news:
Perfume House. News of perfumery and cosmetics:
Seonera. News search engine optimization:

Specialized russian Newsletter:

Food & wines. Food and drinks:
Micro homes. New technologies residential construction:
Micro pod. The latest construction technology:
Otoplenie (boiling). New technologies in the field of energy:
Prohoda net (no passage). New technologies in the field of security systems:
Security Newswire. Technology of security:
Tobacco. Tobacco products, Smoking and struggle with the habit of Smoking:
Visa Bulletin. Visas and visa regime:

Regional editions:

Ababurovo. City information resource:
Alupka. The black sea resort town in the news on the website:
Belokuriha. Belokuriha Altay city news:
Biysk. City information website:
Choboty. News website the suburban locality:
Crimea Times. News Republic of Crimea:
Gubkino. News website the suburban locality:
Sychevka. A town in Tver oblast in the news on the website:
Zhukovsky. News website the Moscow region city:

Other editions:

Blue Shield:
КАСКО, CASCO insurance issues:
Jackie Evancho:
Little miss:
Music Night:
Press Award:
Sante market: