LPR Defence Ministry does not rule out Ukrainian provocations ahead of Nov 2 elections

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The Defence Ministry of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) does not exclude that Ukrainian military may stage provocations to disrupt the November 2 LPR People’s Council elections and LPR head elections, LPR Deputy Defence Minister for personnel affairs Vitaly Kiselev told on Sunday.

We do not rule out provocative actions. They aim to hold their early elections properly and disrupt ours,” Kiselev said.

According to him, the risk that “the Ukrainian military will launch an offensive is very high.” He said, referring to intelligence data and local population’s reports from the Ukrainian controlled territory, that “intensive movement of convoys of military equipment and armoured vehicles have been noticed in some areas.”

We also have our sources that told us that major enemy forces are being aligned in the north-western and north-eastern direction,” the LPR deputy defence minister said.

He said “the Ukrainian side has deployed the Smerch multiple rocket launch systems in the Novoaidar settlement.”

“Lisichansk, Severodonetsk, Starobelsk – these are the settlements in which the enemy has amassed a vast number of personnel and military hardware, including the Grad multiple launch rocket systems and Tochka U tactical missile systems,” Kiselev said.

He also said that the LPR Defence Ministry has information that “units formed of Georgian, Polish, German, Arab and Italian mercenaries” are stationed northwest of Lugansk.

Kiselev said that intelligence data suggest that there are several ranges in the Western Ukraine where foreign instructors train Ukrainian military personnel. He added that despite the so-called ceasefire, the Ukrainian side has been regularly provoking the troops of the LPR forces.

We are subjected to regular shelling from that [Ukrainian] side – but we don’t respond to provocations. We 100 percent fulfil the ceasefire conditions,” the LPR deputy defence minister said.