Vladimir Putin assured that Russian special services are not conducting mass surveillance of citizens

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A question to the Russian President about how do Russian security services of large-scale collection of data in respect of their own nationals asked Edward Snowden – former CIA official, who was granted political asylum in Russia.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Despite the fact that Russia is equally exposed to terrorist threats to the United States, large-scale espionage for example, as actions of the National Security Agency against the Russians is not applicable, stated Vladimir Putin.

In Russia there is a strict regulation concerning special tools that can be used for information purposes only by a court decision, the President reminded.

Mass, not of election data gathering Russia does not, because it is prohibited by law. On this we have no means, nor money, as the us intelligence services, but the main thing – this is not necessary and it is prohibited by law”, said president.

“Special services are under the strict control of the state and society”, assured Vladimir Putin.