Hackers hacked Vitali Klitschko’s accounts in social networks

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Hackers hacked accounts of the Udar party leader Vitaly Klitschko in social networks Facebook and “VKontakte”. It in the evening on Friday, November 22, was declared by the Udar party press service.

Vitali Klitschko. Photo: Daily Reporter.

Vitali Klitschko. Photo: Daily Reporter.

“Today literally in an hour after I wrote the last post on Facebook and urged all to come to the Maidan, my page hacked and placed on it from my name dirty lie and nonsense.

Subsequently hacked also the page of “VKontakte”” — confirmed in the “Udar” press service Klitschko’s statement.

In social networks representatives of “Udar” conferred responsibility for breaking of accounts of Klitschko on the authorities of Ukraine. Holding a similar action, they declared, demands application of specifics which state agencies have.

A number of opposition parties, including Vitali Klitschko’s “Udar” after the Ukrainian authorities suspended on November 21 preparation for the agreement with the European Union, declared holding protest actions.

In support of eurointegration of the country the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev was chosen as one of the main venues of meetings. Meeting on the Maidan the opposition declared termless.