NSA works over supercomputer creation for crack of codes

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National Security Agency of the USA develops the quantum computer for breaking of modern systems of enciphering. Work is conducted in huge metal boxes. On an idea of the developers, the new computer will be capable to hack practically any code.

NSA works over quantum computer for breaking of codes.

NSA works over quantum computer for breaking of codes.

According to documents from “portfolio” of the former employee of ANB Edward Snowden, creation of the quantum computer making calculations several times quicker usual, is one of the purposes of the research program worth 79,7 million dollars. The most part of works on the secret contracts is carried out to laboratories in College Park.

All scientific community already dreams of the quantum computer long ago: having on hand the heavy-duty tool, many areas of science, including medicine, will be capable to reach unprecedented earlier results. The quantum computer will be not less productive and in hands of experts of ANB: to espionage department there will be “on teeth” all forms of enciphering with an open key, including that are applied at creation of the protected websites and to protection of the documents which are the state secret. With a 1024-bit key which breaking requires some years of operation of the ordinary computer, the quantum computer will be capable to open current systems much quicker.

Experts assumed long ago that ANB promoted in creation of the superpowerful computer further, than civil experts. However from the documents provided by Snowden, follows that the agency if advances competitors, not much more. Apparently, experts of ANB believe that work on an equal basis with the laboratories financed by the European Union and the government of Switzerland. Researches move ahead, however the probability of technical break is insignificant.

A number of researches is carried out in big the the rooms known as “Faraday’s cell”, intended for isolation of electromagnetic radiation. The basic principle of quantum calculations is called coherent, or quantum, superposition and concludes idea about object existence at the same time in all possible states.

The ordinary computer works at a basis of a binary numeral system where numbers are presented in the form of zero and units. In quantum calculations quantum bits, or кубиты which at the same time are zero and unit are applied. This paradox obvious, apparently, is cornerstone of the quantum theory. Even physicists-theorists say that it is up to the end impossible to understand quantum mechanics.

Nevertheless, whereas the ordinary computer consistently makes one operation for a unit of time, the quantum computer can avoid need to make the calculations which aren’t required for a solution. It allows to find the correct answer much quicker and more effectively.