Barack Obama’s security guards appeared in the center of new scandal

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The secret service agents of the USA who are responsible for protection of Barack Obama, appeared in the center of new scandal. Two agents of power department accused of obscene behavior and sexual harassments.

Two Secret Service agents of Barack Obama were involved in sexual scandal.

Two Secret Service agents of Barack Obama were involved in sexual scandal.

High-ranking secret service agent Ignacio Zamora Jr., under the authority of which there were about two tens security officers, spring of this year was involved in incident in Hay-Adams Hotel, close to the White house in Washington.

Zamora who was not on duty, got acquainted in hotel with the woman with whom together drank in the bar, and then went to it to number. When women found out that the man is armed, she was frightened.

To calm her, Zamora discharged the gun, however his acquaintance all the same asked the agent to leave. Having left a hotel room, the security guard found out that one bullet forgot in room, however back the woman didn’t let it. Zamora contacted security service of hotel and demanded to let in it room.

To it refused this request, moreover, complained to his administration. As a result of Zamora it was ousted.

According to the American mass media, Zamora is the veteran of the Secret service. It passed all steps of a career ladder and earlier was responsible for protection of the spouse of George Bush – Laura Bush. In the memoirs the former first lady remembered that right after attacks on September 11 Zamora was one of the first whom it asked for the help.

Meanwhile the Secret service of the USA not the first time appears in the scandal center. The previous resonant incident took place in April, 2012 during Obama’s visit to Colombia. In local hotel security guards of the president got drunk, brought into hotel of women of easy virtue and didn’t pay with them for the rendered services. It led to problems with police.