Two ex-police officer of New Orleans Police Department arrested by FBI

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The former police officers are accused of fraud with pay-sheets, theft and violation of a mode of safety.

Two ex-police officer NOPD are accused of fraud.

Two ex-police officer NOPD are accused of fraud.

NEW ORLEANS, on November 6, 2013. Two officials of New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) will appear in federal court on charge of theft and fraud.

FBI arrested a criminal duet on charge of fraud with payment documents, and also in connection with violation of a mode of safety of management of police. The federal bureau claims that 33-year Quincy Jones and 39-year-old Rafael Dobard submitted doubtful sheets at implementation of the program of public housing construction.

Agents of FBI claim that both officials used problems of inconsistency of the supervising NOPD functions and Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO).

“In each profession there is an opportunity to make the right or wrong choice”, Raphael Goyeneche from the capital criminal commission declared. “The small percent of people motivated with greed and arrogance, sometimes follows the wrong way”, he added, wishing to keep authority of police department.

Гоенеч explained that this incident speaks about requirement to transfer the unusual documentary NOPD functions under the mandate of Office of secondary employment. “This office in the course of formation. If this process took place quicker, many details would be coordinated through office of secondary employment that would prevent double billing”, told Goyeneche.

Federal investigation showed that Jones and Dobard stole and spent money for personal needs. Now they are under the American marshall conclusion and will give the first evidences in federal court on Thursday November 7.