The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi – all under FSB cap?

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The Russian intelligence services will listen to phones of guests of the Olympic Games in Sochi, reports The Telegraph.

Supervision over Sochi will be conducted by two russian UAVs.

Supervision over Sochi will be conducted by two russian UAVs.

The federal security service is going to take under a cap of all guests of the Olympic Games in Sochi. About it The Telegraph writes, referring to data of the Russian journalists Andrey Soldatov and Irina Borogan specializing on publicizing of activity of intelligence services.

Safety on the Olympic Games will include large-scale listening of conversations, and also supervision over Internet activity of the audience. To potential guests of competitions recommended to leave at home laptops and smartphones to avoid control.

Earlier it became known that Sochi for the period of Games will provide with free Wi-Fi and network 4G support. According to experts, it will allow intelligence services to get full and easy access to data of the audience. The similar demand was made to all communications operators.

For shadowing of intelligence service will be guided by key phrases and words which can shed light on plans and intentions of the audience. Besides, supervision over Sochi will be conducted by two UAVs.

According to Soldatov though security measures are similar to what acted in Beijing in 2008, it is possible to tell that this fullest and large-scale supervision over participants and the audience for all history of Olympic Games.

The newspaper didn’t manage to receive comments from FSB on Sunday evening.