Bashar Assad: Russia – the true friend of Syria

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In interview to the German magazine Der Spiegel the president of Syria Bashar Assad declared that Russia – the real and understanding friend of Syria.

The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad.

The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad.

According to the Syrian president, Russia better than the western states understands what exactly occurs in Syria.

The Syrian president is also convinced that Russia is more independent, than Europe which is guided by rhetoric of Washington and strongly is late in the estimates.

In the interview the Syrian president also made the proposal that Germany became the intermediary in negotiations with insurgents.

Nevertheless, he emphasized that won’t sit down at a negotiating table until the Syrian opposition won’t lay down arms and won’t stop fights.

In two years of war in Syria many cities of this country are destroyed. Even the capital of the state Damascus suffered from war.

State security forces conduct every day bloody fights with terrorists, however the head of state sees a withdrawal from a war only in negotiations with opposition.

Syria was tired of war. To us necessary the peace. Today, now», speaks the president who hopes for fast carrying out the Geneva conference which can put an end to war .

However, it isn’t enough hopes of it – among terrorists at war with the government the majority is made not by opposition, and radicals and mercenaries. Numerous groups of terrorists are at war even among themselves.