Payback for «Operation Payback». In the USA judge hackers from «Anonymous»

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In the USA before court jury will appear 13 hackers from «Anonymous». Them accuse of cyberattacks worldwide, that became the reason of drawing a significant damage for the protected computer networks.

Anonimusa are opened, arrested and got under court.

Anonymous are opened, arrested and got under court.

In particular, cyberhooligans suspect of participation in a series of DDoS-attacks «Operation Payback» in December, 2010. Attacks were «the support act» founder of site a political compromising evidence of WikiLeaks Julian Assange.

So, networks of the international payment MasterCard and Visa systems became the victim of the largest hacker attack of Anonymous after they refused to accept transfers to advantage of the WikiLeaks project.

Later hackers revenged attacks to sites of various state structures and business firms for closing of the Swedish Internet site Pirate Bay for free downloads music and movies.

As they say in the indictment, cyberhooligans attacked any structure which isn’t dividing «Anonymous philosophy», according to which any information has to be open for any wishing, regardless of, whether it concerns safety or is protected by copyright.

American law enforcement agencies detained 16 members of Anonymous group in the summer of 2011 within investigation of FBI of cyberattack to MasterCard and Visa. Then on arrest of alleged participants of «Operation Payback» about 40 warrants were issued.

At the beginning of a year the court in London already pronounced sentences to several participants of Anonymous on the case of attack to networks of payment systems.