US Senate rejected the draft of the budget

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United States Senate voted against the draft of the budget offered by the House of Representatives.

United States Senate voted against budget and deprived financing Obama's government.

U.S. Senate voted against budget and deprived financing Obama’s government.

Approved the document of only 46 senators, 54 legislators voted against, reports Associated Press. On vote the question of was raised postponing health care reform.

It means that democrats, who make the majority in U.S. Senate, and the republican majority of the House of Representatives yet didn’t manage to agree about the country budget. In case the issue isn’t resolved till midnight on September 30, a number of state structures of the USA, including the government, will suspend the work.

Republicans are adjusted uncompromisingly – they will try to achieve concessions of the White house and will return the draft of the budget to the senate, without making to it the changes concerning a controversial question of turning of reform of health care. It became known of it following the results of meeting of legislators with the speaker of the House of Representatives, republican John Boehner.

if today the situation isn’t resolved, about 800 thousand civil servants will be sent on unpaid leave. Financing remains only for the services providing viability, security and defense capability of the United States.

Let’s remind, that on September 29 the House of Representatives accepted the budgetary document which stopped for a year realization of reform of the medical insurance, one of the main projects of the president Barack Obama. Thus on legislators didn’t work threat from the White house about imposing of the veto on the law on the budget.

The opposition from republicans is met by health care reform, so-called Obamacare, which is urged to make medical insurance more available and to insure about 50 million nowadays uninsured citizens.

Last time in the USA due to the lack of the adopted budget the government stopped work in 1996, , during president Bill Clinton.