The Security Council adopted the resolution on traffic in small arms and light weapons

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The resolution, regulating a turn of the light weapons in the world, was adopted by 14 voices and one refrained.

Security Council UN Photo/JC McIlwaine.

Security Council UN Photo/JC McIlwaine.

UN, on September 27. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Council that, from bringing instability to the Sahel region of Africa to fuelling lawlessness in Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic, Iraq and the high seas, small arms have wreaked havoc on lives and nations as well as undermined development efforts.

As it was reported, US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday in headquarters of the UN signed the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

When signing Kerry declared that ATT will help “to reduce risk of that transactions with conventional arms will be used for commission of the most serious crimes in the world”.

Russia refrained from voting on Security Council UN under the resolution on restriction of trade with small and light weapons.

As the deputy constant representative of the Russian Federation at the UN Alexander Pankin, in the resolution declared at meeting, in particular, it was necessary to pay bigger attention to efforts on implementation of the action program of the UN on prevention and eradication of illegal traffic in arms.

The secretary general of Amnesty International human rights organization Salil Shetti declared that this step is “a cornerstone in fight for the termination of illegal distribution of conventional arms”.

Let’s remind, this Arms Trade Treaty the world market of arms which is estimated at $70 billion, was accepted by General Assembly of the UN in April of the current year. Then the text of the document was supported by 154 states, including the USA, three delegations, and 23 countries, including Russia, refrained.

The Arms Trade Treaty come into force after it is ratified by not less than 50 member states of the UN. Today the Contract was signed by 90 states and only 4 it ratified.