The American senators developed the plan of reform of NSA

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Senators of the USA from Republican and Democratic parties developed and submitted the bill of National Security Agency reform.

National Security Agency (NSA) / Photo/Charles Dharapak.

National Security Agency (NSA) / Photo/Charles Dharapak.

The message on it appeared on September 25 on an official site of one of authors of the bill, the senator Ron Wyden.

The new bill provides large-scale revision of the principles of activity of ANB. In particular, authors suggest to forbid collecting personal data on citizens of the USA and viewing of electronic correspondence of users without the corresponding warrant.

Also the document contains the offer to enter a position of the constitutional lawyer who protected there were rights of the American citizens to inviolability of private information during consideration of statements of ANB by court on control of external investigation (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, FISC).

Now this court is engaged in delivery of permissions of ANB on tracking of Internet activity of users. However in court nobody represents users — decisions are accepted only on the basis of the data provided by intelligence services.

As the authors of the bill published by Edward Snouden documents declared showed that today in America there is a huge contradiction between questions of ensuring national security and protection of civil liberties.

Reform of the principles of work of secret services will allow to avoid in the future of infringement of personal freedoms of the person for country safety” — senator Ron Wyden acted as the initiator of creation of the document emphasized.

About that the National security agency conducts large-scale shadowing Internet activity of citizens of the USA, and also intercepts and analyzes electronic correspondence of diplomatic departments worldwide, it became known in the summer of 2013.

The documents telling about programs of shadowing, the former employee of ANB and CIA Edward Snowden provided to the press. US authorities accused him of disclosure of the state secret.

Being afraid for own safety, Snouden will leave the territory of the USA and now is in Russia where he was granted a temporary shelter.