Virtual annihilation. People disappear from Facebook

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Snowden’s revelations compelled million people to disappear from virtual space because of fear of disclosure of confidential information.

More than eleven million Americans and British closed pages on social networks for the last three months.

More than eleven million Americans and British closed pages on social networks for the last three months.

The publication about itself real data is unsafe because of swindlers. However, as it became clear, to hackers it is far to those opportunities which use for a long time intelligence services.

Under a cap of intelligences of the USA and Great Britain there was practically all personal information which people published about themselves in social networks, including the closed data. After revelations of the fluent contractor of CIA Edward Snowden the  more than eleven million people closed Facebook accounts.

Among those who left from a network, the most part is represented by citizens of the USA and Great Britain. The main reason, according to polls which have been carried out by large editions, people call fear of disclosure of confidential data on.

“Facebook became long ago a commercial platform. There is a lot of the advertizing, very many do business”, Linda Risman, one of those who I closed the profile tells. “Each time when when there was a desire to get something really necessary, I with horror thought — what waits for me after purchase in this online store? “, she remembers.

“In Facebook already there is a name, there is a photo with me. Phone, the home address, data on work and a circle of contacts it is possible to receive from the opened or closed data — all this needs to be entered at registration. Publications and comments it is possible to find out political views. It is necessary to enter only data of a credit card — and everything, the full file is collected in one place”, it is indignant.

However not only these fears those who makes “virtual suicide” are guided. Other reasons is negative relationship with virtual friends and feeling of a dissatisfaction with life which arises after long pastime on social networks.