Congress want to break the Obamacare

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The American legislators adopted the law on the budget which provides government functioning. At the same time the law deprived of financing the program of reforms of health care of Obamacare.

article-201309201-seinit-congress-obamacareThe House of Representatives in which the majority belongs to republicans, adopted the relevant bill of the budget 230 voices against 189.

At the same time the senate in which the majority is made by democrats, promised to disavow the provision adopted by the lower house on cancellation of financing of the program of reforms of health care.

Obama declared that will veto the bill in its current form if it gets senate approval. The federal government faces prospect to remain out-of-pocket if by October 1 the congress and the White house doesn’t agree about adoption of the temporary budget.

The bill establishes level of financing of federal agencies of 986 billion dollars. Actually, it deprives of financing the law on general access to health care.

This law of 2010 year obliges the companies with the personnel over 50 people to provide to the regular employees the medical insurance, otherwise firms have to pay penalties on an ascending scale.

Eric Kantor told that the law turns economy of regular places into economy of temporary employees.

On Tuesday the president Obama told that if the congress doesn’t make the decision on increase in the sizes of a public debt, the USA won’t be able to pay off according to the obligations.

In 2011 Obama was compelled to agree on reduction of the federal budget on 2,1 trillion dollars within a decade. Today he doesn’t intend to concede.