Near Fukushima there was a serious earthquake

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According to Japanese meteorological agency, force of pushes reached the magnitude of 5,8 points.

Near Fukushima there was a serious earthquake.

Near Fukushima there was a serious earthquake.

In the northeast of the Japanese island of Honshu in the area prefecture Fukushima there was a powerful earthquake. About it reports Japanese TV channel of  NHK.

Epicenter of an earthquake was at a depth about 20 kilometers near the Pacific coast of prefecture. Pushes also were felt in the territory of the next prefectures in the northeast of the country. Pushes were felt in 17 prefectures, including in Tokyo.

Threats of a tsunami aren’t present. Information on victims and destructions didn’t arrive. Messages about damage of the Fukushima-1 in prefecture while also isn’t present.

At the beginning of September it became known that the government of Japan will allocate $473 million more for elimination of leaks and radioactive water with the nuclear power plant. Destiny of the nuclear power plant and its owner – the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) – while remains to the unknown.

Also not clearly, as the government of Japan is going to solve as a whole a problem of a conclusion of the nuclear power plant from operation.