Level of Amur River at the Komsomolsk fell lower than 9 meters

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In the morning on September 18 level of Cupid near Komsomolsk was 894 centimeters. Thus, in days it went down on 10 cm.

In the Russian Komsomolsk cope with the biggest in the history a flood.

In the Russian Komsomolsk cope with the biggest in the history a flood.

Despite the begun recession of water, a situation in the city the disastrous. In a disaster zone still there are 900 houses with the population 13132 persons. The most part of the evacuated got over to relatives, 985 victims agreed to move to points of temporary placement.

According to city administration, to victims already started paying financial support. The first on 10 thousand rubles ($300) received owners of the flooded dachas . On as much paid according to the regional program to pensioners, disabled people and families with children. The issue of moving of those who lost housing is now resolved.

And in coastal areas of the city doesn’t stop work on strengthening of dams. The water level is still very high therefore rescuers and military should work round the clock to save constructions.

From cellars of buildings is carried out water pumping. For this purpose involved 60 pump stations of different power are. However they all the same don’t suffice therefore to the city the additional have to arrive. For them are bought plastic pipes which are now delivered to the city by military helicopters.

In total on elimination of consequences of elements are involved over 2,8 thousand people and 541 pieces of equipment.