UN experts confirmed sarin application in Syria

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Experts of the UN found «clear and convincing proofs» use of the chemical weapon in Syria. In the order of agency only the first page of the report arrived, the expert opinion will be published later.

UN experts have confirmed that the Syrian military purposes was used sarin.

UN experts have confirmed that the Syrian military purposes was used sarin.

NEW-YORK, Sep 17. Observers continue investigation in 14 cases of possible use of the chemical weapon. However they already established that against civilians in the suburb of Damascus to Guta “in rather large number” sarin was used. In other regions of Syria deadly substances also were applied.

At the same time experts yet didn’t sound responsible for chemical attack. Thus, remains to unknown against whom possible sanctions can be directed.

Chemical attack in the suburb of Damascus took place at the end of August, more than 350 people became victims, more than 5 thousand were hospitalized with poisoning symptoms.

Earlier the president of Syria Bashar Assad accepted the offer of Moscow to give an arsenal of the chemical weapon under the international control. Besides, Damascus joined the Convention on a ban of the chemical weapon. It allowed to avoid military invasion into the Arab republic which the European countries support.

Nevertheless, B. Assad’s future looks same foggy: The State Department of the USA insists on resignation of the president and declares that it has no place in the future of Syria.