Negotiations about evacuation from Homs wounded journalists are broken

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Negotiations between representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, oppositionists and the authorities of Syria about evacuation of the western reporters from a quarter of Baba Amr in Homs haven’t brought concrete results.

International Committee of the Red Cross in Syria / Photo:

The meeting of the parties will proceed on Sunday, representative Red Cross in Geneva has informed Hisham Hassan.

«Concrete results aren’t present», – has informed Hassan to journalists after the termination of day of negotiations. «We will continue negotiations and we hope that tomorrow, on Sunday, we can get to Women-amr and we will spend our rescue operation», – he has added.

Five workers of the western mass-media have got on February, 22nd under artillery bombardment when were in created for them insurgents in this city to a room for the press. As a result of rocket attack two journalists were lost, two more have suffered.

According to all available information, the wounds received by Buve and Konroem aren’t life-threatening, but medical aid, differently their condition is necessary for them can worsen. One more French photographer William Deniels working on «Figaro», hasn’t suffered.

Wounded journalists have placed on the Internet of videorecording with the request to evacuate them from a quarter of Women-amr in Homs.