The high-efficiency modular switchboard of scale of city networks

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Switchboards BigIron 4000 are intended for the organisation of scaled city networks of level of 2 and camera networks of level 3. 

Reservation of a camera class, multilevel management of a pass-band, the monitoring and account functions which are carried out with speed of a line is realised. Systems BigIron – an optimum product for high-efficiency decisions for city and Internet networks.

The basic characteristics and advantages:

  • High density of ports
  • Modern memory TCAM (Ternary Content Addressable Memory) provides in the big networks switching of level 3, routeing on the basis of rules, realisation of reports OSPF and BGP4.
  • Protection against type attacks “refusal in service” (DoS)
  • The expanded lists of the control of access, Secure Shell, Secure Copy, SNMP v3, means аутентификации (AAA, 802.1x, RADIUS, TACACS +).
  • The differentiated service with voice transfer support, video and the data in one network with the expanded possibilities of maintenance of quality of service QoS and a multiple-address announcement.
  • Pass-band parametrization on demand, high-speed multilevel management of a pass-band.
  • The built in technology sFlow ™ (RFC 3176) with use of the information of levels 2-7 for each port provides scaling of functions of the account and billing
  • Reservation of power units and the interface modules with hot replacement, Rapid STP, MRP, VRRP and VSRP.


Quantity slots: 4

  • Switching capacity – 128 Gbit/with
  • With the module 10GbE* 101 million packages a second
  • With module Gig E* of 83 million packages in a second

Maximum quantity of ports on system

  • 10/100 Ethernet: 144
  • Gigabit Ethernet: 56
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet 6

Maximum quantity of ports in a 7-foot rack 10/100 1296

  • Gigabit Ethernet: 504
  • Gigabit Ethernet 54
  • Reservation of power units: 1+1 N+1 N+1
  • Specialised functional complexes for camera and corporate networks
  • Redundant operating and interface modules with hot replacement.
  • Redundant power units with hot replacement
  • Aggregation of channels according to IEEE 802.3ad.
  • Reports of reservation of network level for networks of 2 and 3 levels.

Functions Level 2

Report MRP (Metro Ring Protocol). Offers alternative to structures on the basis of Spanning Tree and provides in ring Ethernet topology of city networks time of detection of failures and emergency switching of less second. Report VSRP (Virtual Switch Redundancy Protocol). Offers alternative to structures on the basis of Spanning Tree One copy STP functions in one device on all VLAN, organised on port. At the expense of it systems BigIron can support the devices of the third firms working with one copy STP according to the specification 802.1q PVST (Per VLAN Spanning Tree). Gives to services-providers of city networks the control over report STP in everyone VLAN with a view of traffic regulation
PVGST on the basis of standard IEEE 802.1s. Essentially raises scalability STP and VLAN, allowing to use from 2 to 16 copies STP or Rapid STP for service to 4096 VLAN SuperSpanTM.

The new working out Foundry, allowing to build very big Ethernet networks of level 2, simple in management and operation Report Rapid STP on the basis of standard IEEE 802.1w. Essentially, to fractions of a second, reduces time of convergence of the report spanning tree Superbig VLAN (SAV). By means of this function the operator can separate domains VLAN of the service-provider from domains VLAN of the client and increase number supported VLAN. The traffic of set VLAN of the standard 802.1q, belonging to one client, unites in one VLAN the service-provider that allows the provider to transfer the traffic of 16 million VLAN, serving to 4096 clients, each of which can use to 4096 VLAN.
Traffic IGMP check (IGMP Snooping). Hardware support of multiple-address appendices Functions Level 3. Support of modern reports of Internet routeing.

Systems BigIron support the following scaled reports EGP and IGP

  • BGPv4
  • OSPF
  • IS-IS

Routeing on the basis of rules (PBR). Allows to make individual decisions on routeing on the basis of the source address. Clients of a city network can get in one configuration access to various service decisions, including the raised security measures, the expanded possibilities, access to preferable providers.
Private virtual local networks (VLAN).
Full-function complex of functions of a multiple-address announcement. Hardware support of a multiple-address announcement, including reports DVMRP, MSDP, PIM-SM (Sparse Mode) and PIM-DM (Dense Mode) Reports VRRP and VRRPE (Enhanced VRRP). Allow to use BigIron as a reserve network router. In default, BigIron automatically and бесшовно starts to carry out functions of the failed router. Universal network management The centralised network management. The graphic web – interface Foundry IronView Network Manager allows to supervise from the central station modernisation of the software and configurations for any product Foundry. The command interface. The standard interface for all products Foundry.