Work of the British and American soldiers on disarmament of these devices the heroic

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The soldier it is noisy breathes and quickly puts a charge on one of streets of Bagdad.

«I want, that these people knew, if they leave a bomb for us, we will blow up their road», – it growls, departing. Before it will reach safety zones, the Iraq insurgent punches a code in a mobile phone. Explosion – and The soldier flies up in dust and dust clouds.

Explosion – and The soldier flies up in dust and dust clouds.

Explosion – and The soldier flies up in dust and dust clouds.

Hurt Locker throws light on terrible work of division on neutralisation of explosives. Hollywood does not exaggerate horror – improvised explosive devices which are the largest murderers of the British and American armies in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kalashnikov has superseded to become the weapon risen 21st century. It can be collected on a rural backyard and allows Talibs to incur blow of the enemy which much more surpasses them in quantity and fire power, as the Soviet military-air forces in 1980.

Work of the British and American soldiers on disarmament of these devices the heroic. But real race on counteraction to threat follows thousand miles – in secret laboratories at East coast of America.

Within last three years the Pentagon has spent $15,5 billion Scientific minds in attempt to develop more effective ways For detection of improvised explosive devices and their neutralisation. Scientists and engineers work Round hours, inventing robots, lasers, chemical detectors and even specially trained bees.

The program unites scientific shots and money in scales which last time saw in the Second World War when the project Manhattan – working out of a nuclear bomb was carried out.

In 2003 was 81 registered incidents in Afghanistan. Last year – 8159. Improvised explosive devices do not represent anything new. Guy Fox used one to try to blow up parliament. Lawrence Aravijsky put bombs on the railway to break Turkish routes of deliveries in the First World War. They have been extended in Vietnam.

The term the improvised explosive device has been invented in 1970th years when the British army IRA has made bombs of fertilizers and Semteksa imported by an illicit way from Libya. War in Iraq has seen their use in new scales. It is the huge country with a huge stock of an ammunition.

The central command in July, 2003 was asked by the Pentagon about new «the Manhettensky project» for neutralisation of improvised explosive devices. Jieddo now has more than 3000 employees and means at a rate of 4 Billions dollars a year.

The person, responsible for it is Michael Outs’s general – the veteran of Iraq.

War against improvised explosive devices is very personal», – he speaks. «I have lost many my friends, and itself was in immediate proximity many times. Almost each soldier whom I know, saw or has suffered from an improvised explosive device, was in a defeat zone изи knows the one who was lost».

About half of all American soldiers who were lost in Iraq, have been killed. In Afghanistan this figure makes now about two thirds. But insurgents understand that they cause a loss more than simply death and mutilations ».

This strategic weapon influences will of our countries abroad», – Outs has told. «We should find ways of detection and defeat, and to survive. We should remove it from the weapon which influences our strategy».